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Additional Preparedness Materials and Resources 

Marin County Sheriff’s Office of Emergency Services—Provides emergency preparedness guidance, brochures and pamphlets on all hazards that can affect the county including earthquake, tsunami, wildland fire, flooding, landslides, hazardous materials, mass casualty events and terrorism.  Hazard explanations, effects that will result, mitigation efforts to reduce the hazard’s results and measures to be taken to survive are covered in these materials.  Multiple languages.

American Red Cross—offers over 35 different types of disaster preparedness materials/brochures in multiple languages covering basic disaster preparedness, earthquake, flood, wildfire, house fire, terrorism, First Aid/CPR, electrical outages, etc.  Also has materials specific to children, seniors, businesses, those with disabilities.

Center for Volunteer and NonProfit Leadership of Marin—Participants of the PrepareNow preparedness program for non-profits receive written preparedness materials.

CERT Student Manual

Get Ready Marin—has a Get Ready Manual, Get Ready Presentation, Home Supply Checklist, and Car Supply Checklist to help you prepare for, survive through, and recover from any type of disaster.

Marin County Fire Department—has printed materials on fire prevention, wildland fire safety, defensible space and CPR.

Marin County Office of Education Emergency Preparedness Services



Resources/Related Links Outside Marin County:

72Hours.Org - Bay Area disaster preparedness information

California Dept of Public Health - online materials

California Emergency Management Agency  (CalEMA)

Center for Disease Control - CDC

EMI Emergency Management Institute - online training

Federal Health and Human Services (H&HS)

FEMA Are You Ready publications

Homeland Security - Federal Preparedness site

Ready America

SFCARD SF Community Agencies Responding to Disaster

USGS United States Geologic Survey Quake Preparedness

W.H.O. World Health Organization Pandemic site