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Emergency Preparedness


Are You Prepared?

Marin County is exposed to a wide variety of hazards, both natural and man-made. Earthquakes, fires, severe storms, power outages, and tsunamis are just some of the potential emergencies we may encounter. Following a disaster, it may be several days before vital services are restored. Imagine there is no electricity, no gas, no water, and no telephone service. Imagine that businesses are closed and emergency services are overwhelmed. What will you do until help arrives?  For disaster preparedness trainings in Marin that are tailored to your needs, select one of the links below: 

·        Individual and Family Preparedness

·         Seniors and Special Needs Preparedness

·         Business and Organizational Preparedness

·         School Preparedness

·         Animal and Pet Preparedness

·         Preparedness Materials and Resources

·         County Employee Preparedness

·         Individual Responder Opportunities