Sheriff Marin County In Partnership With Our Communities

Welcome to the new home of the Marin County Sheriff's Office.  Our commitment to the partnership we have with the communities we serve has led us to the leading edge of law enforcement.  With a staff of 207 sworn deputies and 114 law enforcement professionals, and with a budget of more than $40 million, coordination of services is essential. 

The services we provide and how we provide them is critical to the success of our mission.  It is important that we work closely with the community and other service organizations in identifying and solving the problems facing us.  We can say confidently that the Marin County Sheriff's Office is committed to quality service through our Community Policing Programs. 

It is important, as we charge into the twenty-first century, that we are careful to measure community needs and help create and support successful solutions with the smallest degree of intrusiveness necessary.  It is, however, our belief that we can work together in order to deter crimes in our community, especially the troublesome ones, such as domestic violence and hate crimes.  It is through the consistent practice of honest communication and interaction with the community that our partnership will be effective. 

Sheriff Robert T. Doyle